Modern architectural and urban heritage in Latin American society

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This article explores the relationship between the processes of historical inscription and the selection of modern architectural heritage. The aim is to demonstrate that the process of historical inscription often implies a simultaneous process of extraction, abstracting architecture from its socio-cultural context. While the concept of heritage implies an intrinsic relationship between object and society, it appears that in the case of architectural heritage this relationship weakens due to the prevalence given to discourse, rather than the people for whom architecture has everyday significance. To develop this argument, I examine some of the most influential texts in the construction of modern architecture history, which are then reviewed in light of critical theories, primarily postcolonial discourse. This article calls for an urgent revaluation of the processes of modern architectural heritage selection and evaluation in Latin America so as to re-establish the fundamental link between architecture and society.

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Felipe Hernández
Hernández, F. (2017). Modern architectural and urban heritage in Latin American society. Materia Arquitectura, (11), 90–97.


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